Best NGO for CSR Projects in Bangalore-FOOD FOR HUNGER

2 min readJun 25, 2021


Hunger is a broad word that encompasses anything from a brief physical discomfort to a severe food shortage to a serious and life-threatening lack of food. Hunger is an issue that unfairly targets low-income communities, since living in poverty means going without basic needs including food, clothes, and sufficient shelter. A kid needs to eat nutritious meals every day in order to have a hope at a promising future. A brain devoid of essential nutrients is unable to concentrate, putting hungry children at risk of academic failure. Even if they eat a sufficient amount of food, children may not get enough of the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthy, resulting in malnutrition. Millions of people, not just children, suffer from hunger and malnutrition because they can’t afford to buy enough food, eat healthy foods, or buy the farming materials they need to produce enough good food on their own. In light of these realities, Aahwahan Foundation has launched a program called ‘Food for Hunger,’ through which we provide food to over 10,000 people in need. Slums, schools, colleges, hospitals, and other areas are major areas that we cover while providing food. We test and review the food on a daily basis in order to ensure that it is of good quality and nutritional value. We have a range of menus during the week with nutritious and delicious food to ensure that the people eating the food get a decent amount of nutrition.

NGO for CSR Projects in Bangalore

Scope of ‘food for hunger’ program:

· Faster brain and cognitive development

· Faster physical, mental and social development

· Boosts productivity

· Less burden of household insecurity

· Eradicates malnutrition

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