Floods outbreak in Bihar- Aahwahan Foundation Relief Efforts in Bihar Floods

3 min readOct 10, 2019



Heavy Monsoon misery emerged & knocked the doors of Bihar on the 25th of September 2019, causing an ongoing death toll of 62 after 12 more people were reported dead on Saturday at various places& affecting 48,87,443 people of 3705 villages. Bihar being a meteorological zone, receiving excess monsoon over the years, bringing joy & happiness to Bihar and other places, where people also wait for the monsoon to arrive, being nothing new to them. When life brings up challenges& has no control over lives. It has to be accepted. Bihar monsoon has brought the same challenge for the people living there for the past many years and destroyed Bihar and many other places. Such a jerk took place again this year.

Effects of Flood

Parts of northern India were wiped by rain. The situation worsened because of the destruction of wetlands & encroachment of plains. Nearly 44 lakh people in 24 of north state’s 33 districts remain affected. Over 1.3 lakh were displaced and are in 689 relief camps & 240 relief distribution centers set up by the district administrations. Assam is facing a hard time and will continue to worsen in the coming years. NDRF & SDRF were engaged in rescuing affected people in 27 hit districts by moving them to other places.

With all the rescue, camps & relief provided, affected people should be provided with other basic facilities & sanitation.

An NGO which is involved in helping people has to come forward to help. Such a team took initiative & put their best foot forward hard on the ground, known by its name-AAHWAHAN FOUNDATION, Is an NGO that is involved in promoting the welfare of the economically backward sections of the society. Its main objective is to serve people in remote areas with basic treatment, medication & checkups.

NGOs Step in to Help Victims in Bihar

Aahwahan foundation started its mission on 1st October to provide ease to all theaffected families in Bihar with 1000 relief package. The package contains all the requirements that a common person needs and most importantly when a person is in such situation.

The package includes food items such as Dry fruits, Biscuits, Chuda, Sugar, Dal, Rice, Salt & a water bottle. It also includes cleansing items such as Dettol & soap with a polythene bag.“Let’s rebuild the lives of the flood affected people in Bihar together”.

In addition to this, they also have other facilities that can be of use to the people over there. It has a team of 70 volunteers with a medical group of 13 members. Among the 13, there are 2 general physicians, a gynecologist, and a specialized doctor. All kinds of facilities required there right nowis provided at its best by Aahwahan Foundation & bring their lives back to normal.





About Aahwahan Aahwahan — is an NGO that is involved in promoting the welfare of the economically backward sections of the society by generating employment acr